Hi, I'm a seventeen year old girl who loves a lot of tv shows like everyone else here.

who wants to build a blanketfort with me and watch community?


Headcanon where Aang is doing some hard core meditation and talking to some past avatars for wisdom and he talks to Avatar Kyoshi and she tells him to give Suki a message that she is proud of her.

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Just like the rest of the anti brallie part of this fandom I’m going to complain about Brandon. 

Earlier in the episode he is angry at Lou because she dated other band members and writes a stupid song to tell her instead of asking her about it. They kiss and everything is okay again.

But then at the end of the episode he kisses Callie back. And that’s the thing that bothers me because he is mad at Lou but in the meantime he is kissing Callie while he and Lou sort of started dating. I mean it probably wasn’t official but still it’s just hypocrasy (did I spell that right, probably?)


have you ever started hating a character because someone you dont like really likes that character

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